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Expedited access to services and supports for individuals at risk of hospitalization or nursing facility admission generally for 90 days or less, until a longer-term plan is in place.  We use a person-centered approach to coordinate long term supports and services (LTSS) and to focus on a person’s health and safety.

Type of Services Provided

The ADRC looks to provide short term service coordination that can be used in the following situations:
  • checkedCaregiver no shows, or refusal to perform services that are necessary for consumer’s health;
  • checkedWhen an individual has an extended hospitalization, and is at risk of losing their home;
  • checkedWhen the individual need assistance navigating barriers.

Short-term services coordination may be provided repeatedly to individuals contacting the ADRC as their needs change or while waiting for long term services. Individuals will be referred to long term services as eligible.

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How Short Term Service Coordination Works

  • checkedYour ADRC Intake coordinator will either assist you directly or provide a warm transfer to an ADRC partner and begin to facilitate short term service coordination;
  • checkedYou will receive follow-up services to ensure the urgent situation was resolved and be referred for a more comprehensive options counseling.
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Access Our Services

Call ADRC of San Bernardino Toll free

1 (833) 372-ADRC or
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The ADRC can be reached 24 hours a day/7 days a week

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