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The ADRC provides information and referrals to the individuals and their families, friends, caregivers, advocates and others who ask for assistance on their behalf. We provide information, assistance and referrals by listening, assessing one’s needs, and helping connect with service providers.

Type of Services Provided

To provide the best information and referral we use a: 
  • checkedComprehensive resource information network
  • checkedWarm hand-offs to community partners
  • checkedFollow-ups to ensure no one falls through the cracks
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How Enhanced Information & Referral Works

The ADRC is comprised of a growing number of partner agencies who work together to provide information and resources for the aging and disability community. The program has been established as a “no wrong door” promise. The ADRC partnering agency will support with the most appropriate service. Our person-centered approach is to ensure individuals know there is no wrong way to ask for help.

Our goal is to establish a warm hand off, where the referring agency will establish contact with the appropriate program or service, so multiple calls are limited. There no wrong way to connect with the ADRC and ask for assistance or referrals.

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Access Our Services

Call ADRC of San Bernardino Toll free

1 (833) 372-ADRC or
1 (833) 372-2372

The ADRC can be reached 24 hours a day/7 days a week

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